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Marcelo Borlando

Anti-Publicist, writer and Brand Coach. He has developed his professional activity in Hispanic America and USA as expert consultant in marketing and entertainment for Fortune 500 companies, artists, tv stars and brilliant entrepreneurs. He is an intuitive trendsetter and has been instrumental in the creation of huge musical and commercial hits. Known in the industry as a “King Midas”, is the brain behind the musical success Axé Bahía, Brazilian aerobic dance group that triumphed in Latin America in early 2000 with wide recognition of the hispanic industry and as strategic advisor for Zumba LLC, When this company wanted to achieve success from florida to the world. Borlando inspired this brand to become the “Greatest Fitness Party” by mixing the fitness industries with entertainment for the first time, it would change the business of music and wellness forever.

In recent years he has dedicated to lecturing, writing and observing the profound change in the market, until he finds a revolutionary way of creating links between brands and people, based on admiration, creating the strategic model IdolBrand® (Strategic Star), that allows to transform the marks in real idols and the clients in their faithful fans. Borlando was the first author in the world to postulate that traditional brands like a music star would have fans. The innovative IdolBrand® methodology has been applied in several areas, industries and people with significant success.