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Client or Fans?

What makes a football fan travel, fight and even endure taunts just to support his team? What causes a person to spend a night in a tent or on the street, in freezing temperatures, to buy a front-row ticket to see their favorite band? What causes a person to tattoo themselves with the name of that, which they admire?

These people also called followers (in different demographics and psychographics) feel much more than a simple affinity with the colors of a sports team, a musical genre, or a mere desire to tattoo certain images. There is something here connecting them all with the object of their admiration. Is it possible to cause the same effect with a product or a brand, which are not necessarily linked to sports or music? In my books you will discover that yes. Is the art of creating a relationship of unconditional love between a potential follower and a brand. YOUR BRAND!

Understanding this, the game is about asking us who you are as an offer in a certain market. So you can make your customers become yours adherents because your proposal makes sense to them. Nothing more and nothing less. It is about transforming this brand in a true idol worthy of admiration.

So what is the difference between a customer and a fan?

A customer buys from you for one day, a month, or maybe even a year. But nothing guarantees that they will be faithful. They are vulnerable to the slightest action from the competition. An inspired fan, instead, surrenders their heart. They only see your strengths. They are able to forgive and become a brand’s advocate.

In other words, they only have eyes for the brand they love and are indifferent to the competition. Important detail: a brand could also charge more, much more to a fan for its products. An unconditional follower values more and will do anything to buy from their beloved brand.

We are in the business of INSPIRING people, building a brand purpose that can makes you unique and special in front of your competition.

With our Strategic Star we want to help you create a unique and expanded offer of you.


In the game of RECOGNITION. We are all an OFFER, a PRODUCT and a BRAND We all have our own STAR

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